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Hello there.

Wondering who we are? Welcome to our story.

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I'm Moira Fourie, the founder and owner of Belles & Bouquets. Our studio was formed on the sole belief that there can never be too much kindness or compassion in the world. A simple gesture of gifting flowers can transform your day, rekindle an old connection, or spark a new one. I believe in the power of flowers to ignite powerful emotions and stir you within. When you truly embrace florals as art, you will fully experience them.

Growing up I was known for having 'green fingers' and my love for floral artistry naturally progressed into a business venture. On completing an Advanced Wedding Planning Course through the SA School of Weddings in 2014, Belles & Bouquets was created with the purpose of assisting the modern day bride, achieve her floral dream day. Our services later grew to include custom installations and arrangements for other occasions, events, and spaces.


At the end of the day, we pride ourselves on intuitive listening, distinctive styling, nimble fingers and every flower we touch at Belles & Bouquets, we infuse with love, bringing our clients back every time.

We're a small tight-knit team and we do our best to focus our designs on sustainability, having minimal impact on our environment. As artists, we remove constrictive lines and thrive on creative freedom. Together with your requests, we use inspiration from seasons, trends and art, to shape your own unique and personalised floral story.


Stories of places traveled, petals stroked and love stories told.

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